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Gearn Offshore began building Steel Flying Lead Reels in 2008. Since then we have built a variety of general storage and RDS reels. As with all of Gearn Offshore's products, each reel is designed and built to meet our client's specifications.

Technical Specifications
To date, Gearn Offshore's largest designed and built reel is 18 ft tall with a capacity of up to 8,000 ft of flexible product.

Each reel designed by GO receives a detailed analysis report that incorporates the capacity of the reel, the end fittings required, etc. Our finite element analysis takes into consideration ocean conditions, handling procedures, accidental loading and reel forces.

Raw material selection is carefully considered and our reels can be designed for use in cold temperature climates. All welds are performed in position to maximize the quality of weld connections. In addition, the reels are 100% weld inspected and can be load tested under a variety of conditions. Third party certification is available.

Gearn Offshore includes a stainless steel manufacturing ID plate on each reel that retains its legibility, even after multiple coats of paint.

General Storage Reels
Gearn Offshore can design and build anything from a simple tube steel storage reel to a more complex plate and beam construction reel with integral lead in and lead out components.

Reels Compatible with RDS (Reel Drive Systems)
Gearn Offshore is currently working to develop RDS reels commonly used for coiled tubing units. Gearn Offshore RDS reels are stronger than the standard RDS reels because they are designed to support significant reeling tension, whereas typical RDS reels rely on caterpillar style systems for their tension capacity.

Corrosion Protection
We use a three coat marine grade paint system to protect all of our reels from inclement weather. The first coat is a zinc rich primer coat. The second coat is a dense glass reinforced paint that provides superior abrasion resistance and superior impermeability. The third coat is a durable urethane color top coat.

Prior to applying the corrosion protection Gearn Offshore records multiple measurements of the blast profile on each major component of the reel. We also document temperature, humidity, batch number, quantity of reducer and type, wet film and dry film thicknesses for each coat to insure complete coverage and adhesion.


All cradles meet the same design standards as GO reels and are treated with the same corrosion protection system. Gearn Offshore's cradles can be designed to be lifted with the reel in place - using a pinning mechanism, or they can be lifted separately with a fork lift.

Reel Covers
Gearn Offshore designs and manufactures our own heavy vinyl and canvas covers in house. We have a wide array of colors and tie down configurations available. Our covers can be designed to cover the entire reel and the product, or just the product.



Gearn Offshore completed two jobs for Shell's Perdido project. GO built two large storage reels for Duco Inc. that each held 8,000 ft of umbilical, as well as 10 smaller RDS style reels for Shell. Each smaller reel was built to store (2) 1,000 ft lengths of umbilical with end terminations. Shell transported the smaller reels by barge out into the Gulf of Mexico where the umbilicals were installed on the ocean floor.