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The Gearn Offshore Palletizer System is a purpose built horizontal turntable used for coiling Coflexip pipe onto a palette for transportation. The Palletizer typically works with lengths of flexible pipe less than 300 linear feet and 10" in diameter.

Over the last three years, Gearn Offshore installed three palletizers for Technip one for Duco in Houston, one at FlexiFrance in France and one for AsiaFlex in Malaysia.

Technical Specifications

The Palletizer is a flush-mounted, hydraulically driven system with (10) 8' tall stanchions. Our standard unit can hold up to 30,000 lbs of product with bend radius' ranging from 3' to 8'. Each stanchion is independently adjusted to allow for the tightest bend radius possible for any given flexible pipe. The stanchion radius can be adjusted manually or using hydraulics, depending on the size of the palletizer. In order to provide our customers with the most durable product possible, we have chosen to not use rollers or ball bearings. Instead the Palletizer uses heavy brass plates or low friction Teflon plates on the bearing surfaces to maximize the longevity of the unit while reducing contact stresses.

Corrosion Protection
Gearn Offshore hot dip galvanizes the entire primary structure of the Palletizer for the maximum corrosion protection available.

The palletizer rotation can be electric or hydraulic, and is controlled by a remote joystick. The Palletizer only requires three controls/readouts for normal operations: an on/off button, the joystick for forward and reverse, and a hydraulic readout on the remote. The Palletizer can also be manually controlled with the flip of a switch. All braking is automatic and occurs without user intervention.

The only regularly required maintenance for the Palletizer is greasing the sliding surfaces and changing the hydraulic filter every 12 months.



Our engineers use 3D modeling extensively for client approval, during the design phase and throughout construction.