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Located in the Texas panhandle in a small town called Hereford, new clients often ask us how we became active in the offshore industry. Our roots began in 1978 when Tim Gearn, Gearn Offshore's founder and owner, began designing and building state-of-the-art diesel-electric land based drilling rigs. Due to a shortage of drilling equipment in the region, it became necessary not only to assemble the equipment, but also to design and build several components for the rigs including 1,000 horsepower triplex mud pumps and 1,000 hp drawworks. We continued to build rigs and their associated equipment until 1984 when we shifted into designing and building equipment for the agriculture industry while we waited for the oil market to stabilize.

We became active again in the oil industry when Gearn Offshore built its first winch for the offshore stimulation and well services industry in 2002. At the time Jason Gearn worked as an engineer for Technip designing configurations for high pressure flexibles on offshore projects. Recognizing a shortage of quality winches in the industry, he worked with Tim Gearn to design our first winch. In 2006, Jason came to work for Gearn Offshore full time as their lead Engineer. Gearn Offshore has now built and shipped more than 25 winches for the the FPSO and well stimulation vessel markets with several more units in production.

In 2008, Gearn Offshore diversified and began building several other purpose built items for clients in the offshore industry, including horizontal drives, steel flying lead reels and large scale palletizers. We continue to look for new high quality products that are needed in the industry and are more than happy to work with each client's individual needs.



Tim Gearn stands on the raised platform overlooking two Gearn Offshore winches as the stimulation vessel heads out for sea trials from the port of Dubai.