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The H-Drive (Horizontal Drive Assembly) is a horizontal turntable onto which a carousel or basket can be attached to deploy flexible jumpers such as SFL's (Steel Flying Leads), HFL's (Hydraulic Flying Leads) or ELF's (Electric Flying Leads). The H-Drive works best with flexible pipes with a large bend radius and short lengths of around 300' to 400'.

Technical Specifications
The H-Drive is small for it's impressive capacity. The light-duty version has a low profile of only 37" and a cross width of 192" with outriggers, and 99" wide when broken down for transportation.. The overall weight is about 15,000 lbs with an output torque of 110,000 ft-lbs. The H-Drive can be adapted to hold different spooling baskets up to 24' in diameter and can withstand a vertical load of up to 35,000 lbs.

The flexibility and strength of the medium-duty and heavy-duty H-Drive eliminate the need for other deployment hardware or deployment winches, and can provide full deployment capacity on a standard workboat.

Light-duty H-Drive
Typically 30 hp, the light-duty H-Drive is rated for over boarding jumpers of 300' to 400' in length.

Medium-duty H-Drive
The medium-duty H-Drive at 60 hp has a spool of high tensile spectra rope built into the drive. This unit can deploy flexible flexible pipe and associated heavy rigging and clump weights to the sea floor (up to 3000' deep).

Heavy-duty H-Drive
Similar to the medium-duty drive, but with 150 hp and increased tension capacity, the heavy-duty H-Drive is rated for a water depth of up to 10,000'.

Power Options
Custom configurations are available with diesel over hydraulic for fully independent operations or with electric over hydraulic which is more cost effective and simpler to configure. Large bore direct acting manual valves are recommended for control, but other configurations are possible.

Corrosion Protection
Structural components of the H-Drive are hot dip galvanized wherever possible. Everything else receives a three coat marine grade paint system. The first coat is a zinc rich primer coat. The second coat is a dense glass reinforced paint that provides superior abrasion resistance and superior impermeability. The third coat is a durable urethane color top coat.

Prior to applying the corrosion protection Gearn Offshore records multiple measurements of the blast profile on each major component. We also document temperature, humidity, batch number, quantity of reducer and type, wet film and dry film thicknesses for each coat to insure complete coverage and adhesion.


Custom baskets can be manufactured upon request.

Rope Spools
Spectra rope spools and other high tensile synthetic rope spools can be custom configured by our design team for lengths up to 10,000'.



Our 3D models are more than pretty pictures, they are an integral part of the design verification process. They are used to determine assembly procedures, calculate manufacturing tolerances and analyze stress loads.