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Gearn Offshore (GO) is a design-build engineering company that manufactures world class equipment for the offshore oil industry. We specialize in large scale winches that hold Coflexip flexible pipe. Additionally, Gearn Offshore fabricates other purpose built equipment including horizontal drives, palletizers, and storage reels.

Our custom designed winches typically hold from 300' to 450' of 3" or 4" ID flexible pipe with working pressures up to 20 ksi. The average winch is 15' tall, 12' wide and weighs about 40,000 lbs. In 2011, GO estimates that our winches will be on more than 50% of the world's offshore oil well stimulation vessels.

Gearn Offshore's H-Drives are compact, portable horizontal winches used on workboats for storage, deployment and retrieval of flexibles for the ocean floor. In contrast, the Palletizer is a permanently installed horizontal winch used in facilities for the handling and packaging of flexibles. Gearn Offshore also designs both heavy-duty and light-duty underrollers for the handling of Coflexip storage reels.



We fabricate other purpose built equipment including palletizers, storage reels, and horizontal drives.